What my clients say

Many of my clients over the years have kindly written testimonials which may provide you with an idea of what can be achieved by my psychotherapy and counselling service.

20 years of psychiatrists, tablets, and doctors

20 years of psychiatrists, tablets, and doctors never found and fixed what you did in just two sessions. I cannot believe how my life has changed since and I don’t know how to thankyou enough…

A** 2018 – Complex PTSD and Associated physical symptoms, West Country

You gave us our son back

…You gave us our son back. Words cannot express our gratitude to you…

Parents of J** 2003 flew from South America - Cocaine addiction

Every time I see you it helps

Just wanted to say thank you again. Every time I see you it helps. Sometimes in ways I don’t expect or completely get, but it always helps. I truly believe in some ways you’ve saved my life and my parents the pain that me topping myself would cause them. You’re a very special person to me.

J**2018 - Depression/ Suicidal ideation/ Anxiety, Norfolk

the guidance you gave has helped enormously

…the guidance you gave us has helped enormously, and CAHMS have taken us seriously now after your assessment… We’re not out of the woods yet, but we can see light at the end of the tunnel now…

Parents of N** 2003 - child with undiagnosed Autism, Essex

The best money we’ve ever spent

…to come back into the clinic twenty minutes later and see her playing with a dead one [wasp] in her hand and smiling was unreal… She is able to go outside now… The best money we’ve ever spent!

Mother of S*** 1991 - child of 10 with Phobia of wasps, Essex

I got the job

Hey! I got the job!

H** 2019 - low Self-Esteem, Suffolk

You have completely changed my way of thinking

Hi Emrys a lot sooner than expected but today after my 3rd visit to the gym this week I’ve completed 6 miles.I would never have done it without you. Thank you for everything, you have completely changed my way of thinking.

J*** 2019 - Unmotivated and Anxious, Suffolk

Starting to rebuild our lives

…I’d never really understood what a narcissist was let alone that I was a victim of one! I finally got away with K** & D** [children], OK it took me all that time to do it, but thanks to you we are all safe now and starting to rebuild our lives. Bless you.

E*** 2017 - lady with Abusive partner, Suffolk

You have helped me

Hi Emrys, just thinking of you this morning and want to say a huge thank you for all you have helped me with and turned me into the man I’ve always wanted to be. Big hugs your way buddy.

P*** 2019- male with Multiple issues, Norfolk

Recommend you to others

…Thank God she’s not mentioned it since the last visit and she’s actually smiling again. Your very clever technique worked! We are indebted to you and won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

Parents of M*** 2004 - 14 year old Obsessed with having breast enhancement, Essex

The peace you gave her

Dear Emrys, Sadly M*** passed away last night. I want to express my gratitude to you for the peace you gave her and us in her final weeks, even down to visiting her in the hospice yesterday. Now I really understand what a Shaman is.

Husband of M*** 1997 - Terminal Cancer, Essex

Thank you so much for helping me

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. The operation was on Tuesday and completely successful and you’ll be proud to know I actually watched them put the thing in my arm without so much as a wince!!!! Thank you so much for helping me.

G*** 1982 needle phobia, Hampshire

You’ve made my life good again

I didn’t think anyone would ever want me after what happened, but now I have a new boyfriend P***, and he’s the opposite of T***, and I haven’t cut myself once since seeing you, and I feel really good now, and I’ve taken up dancing like you said and I’m back at school now. Thank you for being here for me, you’ve made my life good again.

K*** 1980 - 15 year old Self-Harming after sexual assaults, Hampshire

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