… I don’t make you fit the therapy!

I offer practical help that deals with mental and emotional distress in the here and now.

I don’t waste time or cause unnecessary distress for you by needlessly dredging up real or imagined miserable memories from the past or engaging in endless passive-listening; nor do I indulge in ‘psychobabble’.

My years of training ensure that I have a sound body of science-based knowledge and the time-proven skills to help people resolve a wide variety of emotional and behavioural difficulties as quickly as possible.

Some of the issues that I help to fix

Here are some of the conditions that I’ve treated, it’s not exhaustive, so if you have an issue that isn’t mentioned below or require any further information, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES I’ll show you how and why you react the way you do to the things that happened in your childhood and are still impacting you in a clear, simple and fast way (but not by spending endless hours bringing ‘stuff’ up!), then get straight to work changing those reactions.

RECOVERY FROM NARCISSISTS Coercive and controlling behaviour whether perpetrated by males or females is now a criminal offence in the UK. I am happy to have helped many victims/survivors of this heinous behaviour escape/recover their life, dignity, and senses. Are you one? Call me.

REDUCE ANXIETY ~ Generalised anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, obsessions (OCD), lack of confidence or overwhelming stress and pressure can all be treated simply and effectively.

BREAK THE CYCLE OF DEPRESSION ~ The human givens approach is the best available psychotherapeutic treatment for depression: even chronic depression can often be lifted quickly and meaning and joy returned to life by using it.

RESOLVE TRAUMA ~ I can dissolve the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) however severe, safely and quickly.

STOP OVERTHINKING ~ I have many ways to help break the thought-loops and give you peace in place of that incessant, repetitive noise in your head.

MANAGE ANGER ~ Anger disorders damage health and increase the likelihood of early death, and can cause enormous misery for relatives, colleagues and innocent bystanders; I can help free you from this destructive pattern of behaviour.

STOP ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOUR ~ I can free you from all forms of addiction – alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, TV and computer games, self-harm, eating disorders, etc., – providing you really want to make the effort to stop.

REMOVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM ~ I love to get to the root of this noxious weed and pull it up for once and for all: that way you get to see who you really are.You’ll be very pleasantly surprised at who you find there!

RELIEVE MEDICAL CONDITIONS ~ Many conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain and migraine, have an emotional component. Stressful events often trigger an outbreak because emotions affect health – and vice versa. I have many ways to counter these.

IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS ~ Relationship difficulties are often self-perpetuating because our beliefs and reactions to one another trigger patterns of behaviour which stop us solving them. If couples, heterosexual or LGBT, want to stay together but are having problems, then I can provide solutions.

GET EMOTIONAL NEEDS MET ~ When our emotional needs are not met, or when our innate resources are used incorrectly we suffer considerable distress, and so can those around us. If this is the case then I’ll focus on helping you to identify your unmet emotional needs and empower you to meet these needs by activating your own natural resources in new ways and I’ll do this using a variety of up-to-date, proven techniques aimed directly at problem solving.

Something in your life sucks at the moment! Let me help you fix it & keep it fixed. Call me now for a chat at 07923 447 870

We also do…..

WALKING THERAPY: We sometimes do walking therapy in the Abbey Gardens in nearby Bury St Edmunds, in our own grounds, or in nearby Bradfield Woods.

REFERRALS FROM OTHER AGENCIES: I take referrals from other agencies, and work in association with, other agencies including The Red Poppy Company, Police, Fire and Ambulance services and the NHS.

We can sometimes offer retreats or intensive treatments over a number of days which includes accommodation on a B&B basis, and we can also offer yoga, qigong, massage & meditation.

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